Wishes Across Canada

What is your wish for Canada in its next 150 years?

From national hope to a local focus, this is your opportunity to add your voice and imagination to a growing conversation. Share the changes that will build on our success to improve our communities and country.

#Wish150 is open to all during 2017. At the end of the year and throughout the year during our exhibition events, your wishes will be shared with the federal government, community organizations, fellow Canadians and citizens of the world.

Open access and an analysis of your wishes is vital in shaping and unlocking a prosperous future for all of our communities.

Latest Wishes

I wish there was clean water for ALL Canadians.

Anonymous in Ottawa, Ontario

I wish for EVERYBODY to be more aware of the importance of the health of the earth we live on. It is our earth, we need to fuel it!

Anonymous in Ottawa, Ontario

My wish is that Canada will function 100% off renewable energy. I hope that we are the country that produces the least waste per capita in the world. I hope that our efforts save the most species from becoming extinct and that our industries take big steps in ensuring that for the next 150 years, the environment remains cared for and healthy.

Azeeza in Markham, Ontario

That we embrace the truth of our connections: to one-another and to the lands and waters that sustain us. Our connectedness is our truth and our strength. We need to act with wisdom, courage and humility. I doubt we have another 150 years without this. Lets us pave a path of hope.

S. Bannister in Comox, British Columbia

My wish for Canada is to continue to be a multicultural place, yet there is no racist discrimination so that everyone can feel safe. I come from Japan and have been in Calgary for almost a year. So far, I am surprised how people have accepted each other's beliefs, religions, and languages. I love Canada for this. I really hope that Canada stays just like now for the next 150 years.

Rinka Yonemura in Calgary

I wish for a green Canada. If we want to stop global warming we have to make the world a greener and less polluted place. So Canada should lead the change to change the world.

Anonymous in Calgary, Alberta

My wish for Canada is to improve environmentally and to become more conscious about the amount of pollutants we are producing. As well as creating more environmentally friendly tools and such.

Anonymous in Calgary

My wish for Canada is: 1) to create an eco-friendly country. 2) for less pollution and for us to save the environment. 3) make Canada a healthier place.

Angel Abarquez in Calgary

My wish for Canada is: 1) to ban hunting and save wildlife. 2) to stop cutting down trees for wood and paper. 3) dont build as many factories. 4) not use as much gas or fossil fuels. 5) to not see any gangs

Dayton in Calgary, Alberta

My wish for Canada is: 1) to stop global warming. We can plant and care for more trees. 2) to allocate more land for farms. 3) stop cutting down tress for lumber. 4) to ban hunting and save wildlife. 5) stop destroying landscapes like mountains and forests. 6) to stop destroying the natural habitats of animals.

Anonymous in Calgary

My wish for Canada is to plant trees for Mother Earth and to save the earth.

Justine in Calgary

My wish for Canada is to replace all the cut down trees.

Niky in Calgary

My wish for Canada is to stop cutting down trees and building factorys. It pollutes.

Zakk in Calgary

My wish for Canada is to have healthy food. healthy water. clean community and fresh air.

Cyrus in Calgary

My wish for Canada is that people keep the enviroment clean by not littering or cutting down trees.

Jacob Jones in Calgary

My wish for Canada is: 1) more enviromental protection to reduce global warming and help sustain the Earth. 2) for Canada to stay as or more racially diverse. 3) more mental awareness. Not everyone know and it is hard for people to gain or give support if they don't know/ care about it. 5) more transportation

Janice Fan in Calgary

My wish for Canada is for parks to be taken care of.

Paxton Roberts in Calgary

My wish for Canada is to reduce the amount of green house gasses and make electric cars more accessible to all economic social classes.

Rowan BC in Calgary

My wish for Canada is for parks to be taken care of.

Evan Morrison in Calgary

I wish for Canada to be the cleanest by having little to no garbage because we live here.

Calum Aldridge in Calgary

I hope Canada preserves their parks and keep them open and available for the next 150 years. I hope Canada cares for their indigenous people and their rights as Canadians.

Lynne in Calgary

My wish for Canada is to become one of the greenest countries in the world. I wish for pure sustainability; research and scientific approaches would be aimed towards a cleaner Canada. One that has gained the respect of others, one that blow peoples mind when they come in, one that people would wish to call home. Our planet needs it, hence, our people need it. Let's strive for a challenge to make Canada the cleanest... and push others to do the same thing.

Nakul Dharan in Calgary

No fracking ever!

Anonymous in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

My wish is that we can stop being wasteful and so uncaring towards nature. we are horrible to the earth and we should stop polluting so much and waisting water. we keep thinking there are plenty of resources and its fine but in reality we only have so much clean water and other clean resources. Bring this land a little ways back to what it used to be - less polluted and no garbage littering the streets. Let's all try to be a bit more healthy and clean with our environment. It wont be long before it completely destroy it. STOP USING PLASTIC

Jessie G in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Learn to harvest our commodities with sustainability in mind, reduce waste, protect the environment and do more value-added processing to home. Also, better bargaining for prices of all resources

Rob Howse in St John's, Newfoundland

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