Wishes Across Canada

What is your wish for Canada in its next 150 years?

From national hope to a local focus, this is your opportunity to add your voice and imagination to a growing conversation. Share the changes that will build on our success to improve our communities and country.

#Wish150 is open to all during 2017. At the end of the year and throughout the year during our exhibition events, your wishes will be shared with the federal government, community organizations, fellow Canadians and citizens of the world.

Open access and an analysis of your wishes is vital in shaping and unlocking a prosperous future for all of our communities.

Latest Wishes

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My wish is to have full recognition of French as the second official language in Canada across the country.

Anonymous in Ottawa, Ontario

My wish is schools make more effort for cultural event as they are important.

Natalie D. in Halifax, Nova Scotia

My wish is that we're still around as a diverse, united country, that cherishes and protects all its peoples and environment.

Sara K. in Halifax, Nova Scotia

My wish is that we do not lose our history as a people and we do not forget to acknowledge our past instead of looking at videos of cats.

Sean Fletcher in Ottawa, Ontario

a lot of cultures and history is unknown in Canada. People may know of some cultures but they don't know what it is and what it's about. If somebody has a different cultural belief, they might be looked down upon. I also wish for Canad to honour indigenous rights and treaties. The culture should be embraced and accepted. Indigenous people should not feel discriminated against for who they are. Canadians should be educated in Indigenous history as it is unknown by a lot of Canadians. Indigenous culture and history should be known and embraced. Not hidden away.

Michelle Miller in Hagersville, Ontario

For the Newfoundland Government to stop relying on large businesses and start investing in cultural community growth through smaller business and communication with rural communities on how they can grow and develop into strong and sustainable communities. The communication and education of rural youth is critical in regards to their position and identity in such a globalized world. By stating this process early, we create more youth retention, youth get a sense of what they can bring to their community and work to contribute to it rather than run away from it. Each community is vastly different with a diverse history and through education we can utilize these differences to create strong communities with a sense of focus in the direction of their growth. -CREATE CULTURAL COMMUNITY BUILDING JOBS WITH HANDS ON EDUCATORS who work to better the overall province one small area at a time

Caitlin Bolduc Whelan in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

To appreciate cultural activities

Alexander in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

I wish to learn the true history of Canada.

Heather in Halifax, Nova Scotia

To still have our multi-cultural mosaic.

Anonymous in Scarborough, Ontario

To continue being a peaceful & awesome country

Enid in Scarborough, Ontario

Make National Aboriginal Day a statutory holiday in Canada

Alice in Toronto, Ontario

For people to really understand what it means to be aboriginal in Canada

Anonymous in Toronto, Ontario

My wish is to get a heritage walk at the kneehill historical museum.


I wish for more respect and official protection of our natural environment. I also wish for the resolution of the multiple historic issues the are afflicting our First Peoples. So they can regain their land, language, and culture.

Katr in Edmonton

For reconciliation with the indigenous and equal happiness from ocean to ocean

Jenny in Green Gables, PEI

I wish for reconciliation and a country that everyone can celebrate

Rebecca in Green Gables, PEI

That Canadians always maintain a sense of their own unique identity and never lose sight of it

Anonymous in Green Gables, PEI

I think there should be way more Mi`kmaq celebrations

Isabella in Halifax, Nova Scotia

My wish for Canada is for more humans to speak up and make a change

Liah in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Other countries might fall....But Canada will stand strong

Anonymous in Mississauga, Ontario

For province of Nova Scotia to declare/acknowledge that this is “unceded” territory

Anonymous in Halifax, Nova Scotia

My wish is to be able to conserve the culture that exists in Canada today. Canada is such a diverse country where many different cultures can be seen in different areas in a city which allows residents be who they want to be. I hope that Canada will be able to retain its diversity and acceptance to everyone and all the different cultures.

Mildred Chan in Markham, Ontario

To retain its diversity and acceptance from different kinds of cultures around the world. I would also love for you to help our First Nations community flourish in our growing society and preserve their traditions to keep their culture alive. I'm glad I live here in Canada to witness multiculturalism at its finest.

Aerin Macaso in Calgary

#Wish150 Events

Upcoming Events
St John's, NL
The Rooms July 12 - August 15, 2017
Whitehorse, YK
Yukon Art Centre August 4 - 26, 2017
Moncton, NB
Centre Aberdeen September 1-30, 2017
Montreal, QC
Galerie Mile End September 24 - October 8, 2017
Yellowknife, NT
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre September 2017 - February 2018
Edmonton, AB
Latitude 53 October 17-24, 2017
Charlottetown, PE
Confederation Centre for the Arts October 2017 (exact dates to be confirmed)
Dartmouth, NS
MacPhee Centre December 14, 2017
Iqaluit, NU
Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum December 2017
Past Events
Halifax, NS
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia September 25 - October 1, 2017
Vancouver, BC
Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre July 31 - August 5, 2017
Saskatoon, SK
Paved Arts July 1-22, 2017
Toronto, ON
Artscape Youngplace March 31, 2017
Montreal, QC
McCord Museum October 25, 2016
Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg Art Gallery October 1, 2016 - March 1, 2017