Wishes Across Canada

What is your wish for Canada in its next 150 years?

From national hope to a local focus, this is your opportunity to add your voice and imagination to a growing conversation. Share the changes that will build on our success to improve our communities and country.

#Wish150 is open to all during 2017. At the end of the year and throughout the year during our exhibition events, your wishes will be shared with the federal government, community organizations, fellow Canadians and citizens of the world.

Open access and an analysis of your wishes is vital in shaping and unlocking a prosperous future for all of our communities.

Latest Wishes

to have more doctors in the Digby NS area. Canada should not feel like a third world country when it comes to our health care!

Anonymous in Brighton NS

My wish for Canada is to be kind to one another and show respect . Big things can be accomplished when we work TOGETHER, lets do this. Health, wealth and happiness!!

Theresa Simms in Digby

For everyone to learn one or both of our Official Languages or our Indigenous languages. If you can't speak these languages, then it's time to learn - ASAP!


My wish is to see industry development and job growth in Nova Scotia. More help for small businesses. T-Shirt Kids Toys / Division of Sissiboo Investments has started a new business with a unique line of plush kids that promote healthy living for children. This could become a big business for Nova Scotia if we had the funding necessary to jump start it with a commercial. We are moving forward but if the right help and people would get with us, we could be running instead of walking at this time. www.t-shirtkidstoys.com. ItWhat we have going, if a company such as Hasbro, Mattel or Disney would have had the idea, it would be bringing in billions of dollars within a year. Until entrepreneur's and businesses are recognized and supported, there are many great ideas and businesses that never get to succeed. Looking into the future of our children and grandchildren, this needs to change. For the most, we have reached a point in time that it's almost impossible for something new to have a beginning. This needs to change.

Patsy Hiltz (Employee of Sissiboo Investments Ltd) for 30 years in Weymouth, Nova Scotia

My wish is that Canada remains a diverse and open society.

Judicael Jullien in Montreal

I wish that the provinces (Newfoundland especially) invest in making us a beautiful place to retire and grow old: benchmark international standards for continuum care models and accreditation for all agencies. -Kimberly Byrne, St.John's, Newfoundland

Kimberly C. Byrne in St.John's

I wish my future was more bright and fun.

Jack in Tobermory, Ontario

My wish is to reduce crimes and drunk driving in Canada. And prayers for all the families who have been affected by this as well.

Sara H. in Edmonton, Alberta

I wish for less pollution in the future

Roxy M. in Mason


Netochi M in Edmonton, Alberta

For Canada to prosper and assimilate as one nation for equality guaranteed to all genders and races.

Lincoln N in Edmonton, Alberta

I wish that we can reduce poverty in several parts of Canada by not wasting food, and paying more to charities, usually in places like downtown you can see homeless and poor people sitting by walls and holding a cup asking for a coin.





Anonymous in Edmonton, Alberta

I wish for life to prosper


That as Canadians we spend our dollars into seeing our country from coast to coast in our lifetime. It's easy for us to book tickets to other parts of the world - maybe it's time we celebrate and curate visits to parts of Canada that have always been on our bucket list?

Melanie in Toronto, Ontario

I wish for all the people who are living in Canada -from FNMI to refugees and immigrants and everything in between- to find a place in this beautiful mosaic of a nation. May we all treat each other with respect and build a Canada of harmony in diversity.

Anna in Lethbridge, Alberta

Make animal testing illegal! Please care for those who cannot speak.

Katy Andre in Aurora, Ontario

Better infrastructure that reduces carbon footprints and improves the environment upon which our standard of living relies on as a foundation

Todd Yeadon in Hubbards, Nova Scotia

My wish for Canada is that we have a happy healthy kind and a thriving society and country where everyone is valued. That children do not experience adverse childhood experiences and if need be have access to proven effective Canadian evidence-based mental health services like SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) that improves emotion regulation, self-control and problem solving. Helping kids stay in school and out of trouble by learning how to make better choices 'in the moment'. Thereby helping to create happier and healthier children and families and safer communities.

Leena Augimeri in Mississauga, Ontario

I wish children in the north had the same educational opportunities and experiences as children in the south.


I wish for Canada to be a world leader in the way that our current citizens, our future citizens, and our guests are treated. I wish for a country to call my home that is considerate, understanding, and accepting towards others, no matter skin colour, religion, gender, or status. I wish for immense and unconditional love for all.

Emily in Burford,

A strong Canada for all Canadians.


A healthier, more positive outlook for our diverse Indigenous communities

Laurie in Toronto

My wish is to inspire the next generation to listen to their little voice, to chase their passions, and share their stories so that we can celebrate Canada's diversity, strength and love every single day!

Amanda Bernardo in Ottawa, Ontario

#Wish150 Events

Moncton, NB
Centre Aberdeen September 1-30, 2017
Toronto, ON
Artscape Youngplace March 31, 2017
Montreal, QC
McCord Museum October 25, 2016 Galerie Mile End September 24 - October 8, 2017
Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg Art Gallery October 1, 2016 - March 1, 2017
Whitehorse, YK
Yukon ArtsUnderground Focus Gallery April 7-23, 2017 Haines Junction Visitor Centre Kluane National Park July 1 - 28, 2017 Yukon Art Centre August 4 - 26, 2017
St John's, NL
The Rooms July 12 - August 15, 2017
Saskatoon, SK
Paved Arts July 1-22, 2017
Vancouver, BC
Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre July 31 - August 5, 2017
Edmonton, AB
Latitude 53 October 17-24, 2017
Halifax, NS
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia September 25 - October 1, 2017
Yellowknife, NT
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre September 2017 - February 2018
Charlottetown, PE
Confederation Centre for the Arts October 2017 (exact dates to be confirmed)
Iqaluit, NU
Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum December 2017