Site Partners

Are you a cultural, natural or historic Site that would like to be showcased among Canada’s most significant? There’s an app for that... it's called Explore150!

Explore150 is partnering with museums, galleries, science centres, aquaria, sports halls-of-fame, zoos, and historic sites across the country. Site Partners are showcasing their cultural and historical significance to a new audience; by accessing youth through mobile technology, we’re enabling a new generation to explore the richness of Canada’s cultural, natural and historical wonders. But how are we doing this?


What we are trying to achieve


The project combines peer-to-peer sharing with Canadian trivia, where users can earn points and win prizes by contributing photos and written reflections as a way of connecting and identifying with others. Explore150’s approach fosters interaction with history from the ground up, by focusing on the importance of interpreting and learning about our great history and culture from the perspective of everyday people.

The app content is driven by a team of young Canadian leaders across the country who have been compelled to share their personal narratives through a diversity of stories, experiences and perspectives, resulting in a tapestry of ideas on what it can mean to live in Canada.

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Institutional Partnerships

  • Canadian Commission for UNESCO
    Canadian Commission for UNESCO

    The Canadian Commission for UNESCO operates within the Canada Council for the Arts.

  • Canadian Museum Association
    Canadian Museums Association

    The Canadian Museums Association is the national organization for the advancement of Canadian museums.