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Explore150 is taking Canada by storm! We're thrilled to announce that, in only 4 months, Explore150 has reached over 15,000 Canadians! The app provides a deeper level of engagement with youth, leading to word-of-mouth knowledge sharing and awareness among Canadians more broadly.

At its core, Explore150 is an innovative discovery and educational tool which begins through the in-app experience, serving to increase exposure, promotion, and ultimately recognition of Sites as having natural, cultural and historical significance on a national platform.

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Be Inspired and Learn

Discover new parts of Canada and visit sites in your city and province - and discover other parts of Canada from the comfort of your own home. Be inspired by other young Canadians and their ideas of what Canada means to them. Our cross-Canada Digital Media Blogger team has been working hard to create content that represents Canada's diversity, but now we want to see your contributions!

Download the Explore150 app to share your own corner of the country and to explore new sites through the eyes and ears of people like you.

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Earn Points!


GPS enabled through smart phone to verify. location.

Photo Spot

Take a photo and upload in response to guidance on capturing a particular scene.


Share personal thoughts and reflections on what makes a place so special.

Discovery Quest

Respond to multiple choice questions to learn interesting historical facts.


The Explore150 mobile app, supported by a national youth-led outreach campaign, inspires Canadians to visit and learn about public places of importance to Canada’s natural, historical, and cultural heritage. Users will interact with one another to learn about Canada’s local, provincial and national diversity through inspiring photos, videos, and challenges captured by our team of Digital Media Bloggers.

The project encourages young Canadians from across the country to share and explore their favourite sites and reflect on how these places are important for their personal narratives and understanding how that fits into a collective view of what it is to be a Canadian. Users will also be able to interact with fellow app users who are exploring these ideas for tips and information on sites in Canada with natural, cultural and historical significance. The efforts by the users will result in many voices contributing to an understanding of Canada's history and places of importance.